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Our Suppliers


Trina, German, Suntech Solar Panels

Metro Energy Group takes pride in sourcing the highest quality products from around the globe including leading German solar panels. That is why we are proud to be supported by and in return support our suppliers including: Suntech solar panels and Trina solar panels. Each offers benefits to our customers and provides a diverse range of solutions for every individual project’s energy requirements.

All of our suppliers are among the world’s best manufacturers of solar panels and alternate energy products in the world. Among our product portfolio, we provide PV solar panels with a self-clean effect and ones that are anti-reflective to improve light absorption and minimise the effect of surface dust. We also source panels suitable for varying Australian conditions, which are certified to withhold extreme winds and perform in cloudy and overcast weather.

Each company and their products meet all Australian standards and in some cases they exceed requirements to provide a superior market product.

We provide up to a 25 year warranty on most of our installed products as we know that your solar panels will continue to save you more and more money each electricity quarter the longer your solar panels are in the best and most efficient working order.

If you’ve ever had something go wrong with a tradesperson, you would know how disastrous an outcome can be if trade products are not handled by qualified installers. That’s why every one of our installers is a fully qualified electrician with years of industry experience dealing with our preferred supplier’s products.

Harness the natural energy from the sun today and start savings on your next electricity bill and reducing your footprint on our environment.

To discuss the best products to suit your energy needs, budget and product-lifetime return on investment, contact one of our friendly team members today.