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Solar Power Rebate NSW

If you are looking to secure solar rebates in NSW or would like to install a solar system in NSW, you are in the right place because at MEG, we are the experts in all elements solar power!

The state government’s solar power rebate in NSW has been phased out but there is now an Australian Government incentive to install solar in the form of the solar credits scheme.

When you install a solar panel, you receive solar credits – when you transfer those credits to your provider, they will offer you a discount or cash back offer, helping to make solar more affordable.

Like the state based rebate, the solar credit scheme will also phase out and it’s currently scheduled to end on 1 July, 2013 so make sure you call us today and embrace the environmental and economical benefits of solar power.

Solar power and renewable energy is the way of the future, so even though the NSW rebate may have finished, using the solar credits scheme to invest in solar power will make your property more attractive in the resale market and in the meantime, it will help ease the rising energy consumption cost burden, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Our team are licenced and experienced electricians and technicians so when you choose MEG, you can be assured of a professional and reliable experience. We even offer a $50 cash back if you’re left waiting for our team to show up and our products come with a three year warranty.

From expert advice on the product to suit your needs to the way panels should be installed on your roof for optimal efficiency, talk to us today at MEG and embrace the all round benefits of solar power.