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About Us

Metro Energy Group is an Australian-owned environmental technology company that is proud to make our beautiful country more sustainable each and every day through the supply and installation of renewable energy sources in residential and commercial applications.

With the highest quality installation of solar panels for your home or commercial premises, we aim to improve the energy efficient lighting and solar efficient electricity in both residential and commercial situations. We work each day to achieve this goal by making it easier for retailers to offer sustainable solutions and providing consumers with sustainable products that reduce their impact on the environment.

Metro Energy Group always chooses high quality solar panels and inverters and is committed to maintaining competitive and affordable pricing. This is to ensure our customers receive the best value for their dollar when choosing our packages. From 8-solar panel to 27-solar panel systems and a range of LED lighting products there are literally hundreds of options for our clients to choose from, matched with expert advice.

With a strong focus on customer service, we ensure customers receive specialised solutions to their energy needs, drafted by experienced and qualified electricians who choose packages with the best value-for-money solar panel prices to suit the different needs and budgets of home owners and business owners.

Our employees have been working together in a team environment since 2003 and we believe that if our employees build trust and workmanship between each other, then they convey these qualities to every customer they serve.  We also understand the frustration of waiting around for hours for a tradesperson to turn up after making an appointment, so we ensure that we are always on time, otherwise we offer $50 cash-back if clients are ever left waiting.

To see how we can help you choose a package from the best solar panels in the market, contact one of our friendly and helpful staff today.