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Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Generally in Australia, solar panels will work best when they are facing due North and pointed directly at the sun, however most of our photovoltaic solar panels will still work in cloudy weather and have an anti-reflective covering with a self-clean effect to increase the energy efficiency of each panel.


The placement of your solar panels will have a direct effect on their level of efficiency and their ability to provide financial savings to your household so it’s important to have them professionally installed by an experienced and licenced provider.


Our panels are classified as polycrystalline solar panels, which is a very strong material that can be cut into thinner pieces of panel for your roof. Polycrystalline is made up of multiple silicon crystals and is known to be a superior product compared to others, especially when enduring the stress of our harsh Australian sun.


So how does solar work? Flat panels are installed onto your roof and from absorbing direct sunlight they capture energy and generate electricity through an inverter, which then powers your household appliances. Any excess energy can then be fed back into your local electricity grid. If you have generated more electricity than you’ve used, the surplus electricity will then be credited to your electricity bill at the end of your billing period.


For the best solar panels price from a 1.5kw 8-solar-panel system to a 5.0kw 27-solar-panel system make sure to contact us so that we can help you tailor the most cost-effective package to suit your energy requirements and household budget.


While household rebates have now ended for solar power, there is still an Australian Government incentive that you can take advantage of to secure more affordable solar power and reduce your energy bills. Call us today for expert advice and installation.