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Commercial Packages


*Subject to approval with Certegy Ezi-pay, figures indicative based on past projects.
**Metering not included. Installed 100km from Sydney CBD, travel fee may occur. Based on Standard installation.


Is your business looking to save money on utility costs? Metro Energy Group are specialists in energy saving initiatives for Commercial Premises, including large scale Solar solutions and LED lighting products. We are also IPART approved by the NSW Government to take the most of available Government rebates for energy efficient initiatives.

We believe in delivering QUALITY solutions effectively & efficiently, in providing unparalleled SERVICE in everything we do, in working with our extended supply chain and R&D partners to continually harness the best INNOVATIONS – globally and in adding VALUE by offering flexible solutions to ensure adaptability to the changing environment.

Contact us to speak with one of our Energy Saving consultants and learn how to cut down on your commercial energy costs.