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Solar Power NSW

Metro Energy Group is a dynamic energy saving and solar power company specialising in solar power in NSW, with the key focus on reducing your power bill for domestic, commercial and industrial situations.

By bringing together leading edge technology and the vast experience of our qualified electricians we offer value for money deals in solar power, energy efficient lighting and electrical works for both your home and business.

If you’ve been hit hard by an unexpected power bill or you want to reduce your energy impact, you can take back some control over your energy spend by making an investment into solar power and you can do it by not only saving your money but by providing yourself and your community with more energy and environmental security. What better way to do this than by utilising our renowned Aussie sun and turning it into a saving for your household or business.

So how does it work? When we install Solar Panels in Sydney or at any location, we ensure they are positioned on your roof at the best possible angle to receive direct sunlight and then an inverter is used to convert this energy into a higher voltage. This can then be used to supply your household with the energy it needs and any unused energy is fed back into the local energy supply grid in your suburb. When you get your bill at the end of your billing period you will only be charged for any extra electricity used plus you will get further credits (discounts) for any extra energy supplied to the grid on the days you did not use all of the electricity generated.

And why choose Metro Energy? If you have ever had a tradie install something incorrectly in your home, you would know how annoying, if not disastrous, the outcome can be. So at Metro Energy Group we have a team of the most highly qualified electricians and pride ourselves on the vast experience we have in the industry. This allows customers to receive specialised consideration to their specific energy requirements. We also understand the frustration of waiting around for hours for a tradesperson to turn up after making an appointment with you. So we ensure that we are always on time, otherwise we offer $50 cash-back if you are ever left waiting.

At Metro Energy Group we have a number of packages available for Solar Panels in NSW, from 8-panel to 27-panel systems, all tailored to suit your energy needs. As homeowners we all want to ensure capital growth in our properties and that’s why Solar Power Sydney is a great option, as its benefit is not only seen in the quarterly electricity bill savings but also in the value it adds to your home.

Don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly and qualified staff now on 02 8859 0334 to find out more about how a solar package can help you.



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